You want that sweet sweet music? Well, I got good news for you because I got more music than I can dish out. Get it while its hot! And its hot, lemme tell ya!


Salaam Minnesota!

"Salaam Minnesota!" is a collection of songs from over the past 2 years. Songs written all over the world. From Kathmandu, Nepal to Caddo Lake, Louisiana; to our home sweet home, Minneapolis, Minnesota! "Salaam Minnesota!" speaks to the heart of those experiencing transitions and new seasons in their life.

It is the third collection of songs by this group of Minneapolis' natives. A homebrewed blend of folk, grunge, with a dash of pop. A mishmash of style and theme.

The Mini Album!

The Mini album! 4 new songs from Fox and Swallow, and redone 2 songs from the really long EP. Enjoy these homebrewed goodies straight out of Dinkytown, Minneapolis.

God is Love!

I'd Hardly Call This the Top of the World, Bu... It Will Do!

An album made over a month during winter break. I went through my journals and collected my favorite songs I've written from over the past two years, rewrote them with a ton of help and spent a great deal of time locked in my room with a borrowed microphone and laptop!